Program Information 2017-18

The philosophy of All Stars, as a collaborative program of the Cook County YMCA and Community Education, is to offer a safe and engaging out-of-school time program that complements the school day and creates an enriching environment that fosters positive youth development and academic success.

Paramount to our program is consistent and caring relationships between young people and adults and between young people and their peers. We strive to have constructive well-planned schedules and activities that are tailored to the youth we serve. We maintain strong partnerships with young people, families, schools and our community. Our staff and volunteers are committed and well trained.

WHO: This program is designed for students in Kindergarten-5th grade. GES, ISD 166, and children who are homeschooled are all welcome to participate!

WHEN: Monday-Thursday, From School Dismissal to 5:15pm. The After-School All-Star Program will run only when school is in session.

WHERE: YMCA/ISD 166 campus. ISD 166 students and home-school students will be picked up at the Eagle Doors at 3:10 pm and students from GES will be picked up at GES at 3:30 pm and escorted to the site.

COST: $5.00/day. Scholarships available.

Afterschool Brochure 2017-18


To help facilitate staffing and program structure, students are required to be registered for the program prior to attending. At first registration for the school year, Families must complete the 2017-18 After-School Questionnaire prior to registering for the first program dates. Families can also choose to register online by clicking the Program Registration button on this page and follow the directions in the FAQ section. Online registrants will complete the online version of the questionnaire.

To add days or cancel a day from your child’s enrollment, you must notify the YMCA by 12:00pm on the day of the program. If your child is signed up for a day and can no longer attend, you will not get a refund if the change was not submitted by noon on the program date. To add or cancel one day at a time, contact the YMCA desk or click on the ADD/CANCEL ONE DAY FORM. To register for multiple dates, please go online or contact our Membership Services Desk at the YMCA: 218-387-3386 x 501.

Daily Schedule and ActivitiesFAQs

Daily Schedule

  • 3:10-3:45 pm Pick-up from schools by staff and walk to playground
  • 3:45-5:00 pm Snack (provided) and daily activity
  • 5:00-5:15 pm Pick-up at the YMCA or at a designated playgound.

Weekly Activities

  • Monday – Cooking in the ISD 166 Culinary Arts Room
  • Tuesday– Pool Day! Remember swimsuit and towel.
  • Wednesday – Group games, outdoor hikes, or crafts
  • Thursday – Field trip
Can I register online?
Where should my child go to join the program after the bell rings?
Where do I pick up my child?
Do I have to be there at pick up or can my kid walk/bike home?
Can I drop-in, or do I have to register ahead of time?
What if my kid can't come, can I get a refund? Updated for 3017-18.
What should/shouldn't my child bring?
How will I know where my child is during the program?
When and how do I make payments?e

Parent Information

Please fill out the Medication Administration if your child needs any medication while at camp.

After-School All-Stars Program Evaluations

Evaluations are a valuable tool used to measure participant satisfaction, personal impact, and our ability to meet program objectives. Results of these evaluations help us make important decisions. We thank you for your time and participation. Give us your feedback and get a chance for $25.00 in Y bucks!

Program Evaluation

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